The number one concern after making the purchase is how do I keep my car looking good.

Trends indicate people are spending more time in their vehicles (540 hours a year); keeping their vehicles longer (11.4 years service life) and wanting to protect their vehicle. Preventing Door Dings is easy for the client to visualize and is of value to the customer.

Helping the clients keep their vehicle looking better longer enhances their satisfaction with your dealership and positions you to be a pacesetter in building a positive reputation. Also using W&T protection enhances the preservation value of the vehicle resulting in higher used car value. (62% buy back at avg dealership).

Coordinating a winning process for accessories sales across all dealership departments is critical.

Ensure that the accessories sales, finance and installation process is seamlessly coordinated across the entire dealership; facilitating everyone involved (the Customer, Management, Sales, F&I, and the Parts Department). Each dealership who implements winning practices and proper tools will increase accessory sales and profits. Two of the most effectives “tools” are:

  • Engaging Presentations to all clients
  • W&T on Showroom and Lot Vehicles for easy reference and ‘show and tell’; also eliminates door dings on the lot and on demo vehicles
  • GM sponsors the program; insures that department heads (Parts; Service; Sales; F&I) are trained and on-board; assigns a program leader; and guides the staff through the decision process for establishing inter-department charges, sales price, incentives, etc.
  • The program leader is trained by a One Source Representative or 3M Representative
  • Program leader, with assistance from One Source Representative or 3M Representative, trains store personnel on sales and marketing of the product.
  • Parts Department orders the One Source Wear & Tear kits. Minimum order $750 or one month’s projected usage which ever is larger.
  • Parts Department establishes min/max; with consideration of 5 business days lead time.
  • A Work Order is generated by a Service Writer, for P.D.I. and detail of each new car received. A line is added to the repair order for Wear & Tear kit (i.e. Door Edge, Door Cup, Door Sill and or Trunk ledge) installation.
  • Parts Department bills the Wear & Tear kit to each repair order.
  • Wear & Tear kit(s) are pulled from inventory in the detail shop for each vehicle, as product is installed.
  • Get-Ready technicians use the application training video and written application instructions to prepare themselves for installation of the product.
  • Get-Ready technician installs the Wear & Tear kit(s) in accordance with application instructions from One Source.
  • Parts Department takes inventory once per month.
  • Sales Department adds the Wear & Tear kit(s) Protection package to the Monroney addendum.
  • Sales endorses the product after the vehicle is sold; before the customer goes into F&I.
  • F&I closes the sale.